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Terrazzo Cleaning Fort Lauderdale

The Do’s and Don’ts for Terrazzo Cleaning in Fort Lauderdale

The history of Terrazzo flooring dates back to the 15th century when scraps of marbles were used by Italians to build their terrace flooring. This is also where the term ‘terrazzo’ was derived. Remnants of marbles completed the terrace. However, they noticed that the surface was quite dangerous because of the different stone sizes. By using their body weight, they kept walking on the marbles so as to achieve an even surface. They also used hand stones to make the surface smoother and more comfortable to walk on. When it comes to terrazzo cleaning in Ft Lauderdale, you need to be guided with the proper methods of removing dust and dirt. Terrazzo flooring is easy to clean as you can perform traditional sweeping and mopping. Nevertheless, when it comes to polishing and restoration, it is best to hire a service provider.

The Plus Side of Terrazzo

As of today, terrazzo flooring is still used because of its versatility, functionality and practicality. Terrazzo flooring makes a home cleaner and brighter. The best thing about it is that it lasts for a lifetime.

Caring for terrazzo needs to be done accurately.  To be guided with the proper way of care and maintenance, here are the dos and don’ts:


1. Mop your floors on a daily basis. By mopping your floor, dust and grit are taken off the floor allowing it to be smooth and clean all the time.

2. If you have newly installed terrazzo flooring, scrub the floors at least twice a week for three months. This is because construction dust is still floating in the air and after some time, they eventually fall on the floor. After the three-month period, scrubbing can already be done once a week.

3. Use a neutral cleaner for terrazzo cleaning in Ft Lauderdale. This will loosen up any foreign material on the floor. Make sure that cleaner doesn’t dry on the floor. Mop the floor to wipe off the liquid and accumulated dirt. It is important that you use a neutral cleaner recommended by your terrazzo contractor.

4. Use cleaning products only designed for terrazzo flooring.


1. Do not use universal sealers such as waxes because this will result to a slippery surface.

2. Do not use any type of soap, detergent or floor cleaner on your terrazzo flooring. Some detergents contain harmful compounds such as acids, salts and alkali. These substances can damage the floor.

3. Do not believe in false advertisements that lead to the use of all-purpose cleaners. Not all kinds of all-purpose cleaners are effective for terrazzo flooring. If your floors get damaged, this will require more spending in the end.

If you are not sure about the kind of cleaning material to be used in terrazzo cleaning in Fort Lauderdale, always ask your contractor. Another option is to rely on the services of a reliable terrazzo cleaning company.

Colonial Floor & Stone Care

We, at Colonial Floor & Stone Care provide the highest quality terrazzo cleaning services. Apart from this, we also offer terrazzo polishing and restoration. Our 27 years in the business is a proof that we already gained expertise in terrazzo floor care. To avail of a free quote, call our numbers today. Browse for more information.

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