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Terrazzo Cleaning Ft Lauderdale

Achieving Excellent Terrazzo Cleaning in Ft Lauderdale

The color, style and material of your flooring have a strong impact in the overall design of the house. This means that choosing your floor material is a crucial decision you need to make when building or renovating a house. If you choose terrazzo flooring for your home, you need to take care of this by implementing precise terrazzo cleaning in Ft Lauderdale. Do not just depend on DIY cleaning, you need to hire a reliable service provider. Terrazzo tiles are considered the most durable type of material because these can withstand any weather condition. For this reason, you need to assure that your flooring will last for years. Apart from its sturdiness, they make your house cooler, more elegant and classy.

We are your best cleaning partner

When it comes to the care and maintenance of your terrazzo flooring, Colonial Floor and Stone Care should be your co-worker. We pride ourselves for being known in the business since we started our operations in 1986. In a span of 27 years, we pride ourselves in keeping high standards for terrazzo cleaning in Ft Lauderdale, restoration and maintenance.

Let not your terrazzo hide underneath your rugs, take them off and let the beauty of your flooring shine. Taking care of your terrazzo is not a problem because we have mastered the art of cleaning this type of floor b using cutting edge procedures and safe cleaning solutions.

Terrazzo flooring has a number of advantages. One is that you don’t have to polish your floors daily, weekly or monthly because such type of flooring is very resilient to dust. Since you don’t need to polish your floors regularly, you can certainly save time and money. Another good point about terrazzo flooring is its affordability. Just to give you an idea, installing terrazzo will only cost you $25-$30 per square foot.

Although polishing takes place not frequently, you have to consider the fact that high traffic areas need polishing less than that period. Areas in the home which are prone to this are the kitchen, living room and hallway. So, we at Colonial Floor and Stone Care implement terrazzo cleaning in Ft Lauderdale as well as terrazzo polishing efficiently.

Cleaning due to Foot Traffic

Since foot traffic is common in the kitchen, you can use some pieces of rug as an absorber for wet foot wear or as a pad that will take all the twists and turns of your feet. Also, small rugs are used as absorbers for areas in the home which get wet constantly. Examples of these are bathroom and laundry room. Take note that molds can grow on the surface of damp floors if this is left wet for more than two days. Therefore, make it a practice to keep the floors dry.

Colonial Floor & Stone Care

For any terrazzo problem, don’t hesitate to give us call. Our company has been existent for almost three decades now and we are proud to say that we can handle just about any kind of flooring problem. From terrazzo cleaning in Ft Lauderdale to polishing and restoration, we make sure that we deliver quality and precision. Call us today and we will be happy to give you a free quote.  Check for more deatails.

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