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Terrazzo Cleaning Miami

Terrazzo Cleaning in Miami: Daily, Weekly and Annual Care

Terrazzo flooring is not only a work of art, it is a durable type of flooring that can withstand any type of weather condition. Your terrazzo floor is considered a prized investment that can last a lifetime. For as long as you provide the right care and maintenance to your Terrazzo flooring, your home will always look neat and attractive. Terrazzo Cleaning in Miami should be done accurately. By following the right frequency of cleaning, you will certainly bring out the best appearance of your Terrazzo floor. Although the tips can be applied in your home, it is still best to seek advice from a Terrazzo flooring specialist.

Terrazzo Floor Care

The basic materials you will need to clean your Terrazzo flooring are water, pails and mops. Remember that while your cleaning materials are complete, you also have to make sure that these are clean and disinfected. Any dust or dirt left inside the mop and pail can make the floor rather dirty. It is like putting dirt on the floor instead of cleaning it. Therefore, only a clean mop should get in contact with your Terrazzo floor.

  • Daily Care for Terrazzo Cleaning in Miami

    Dirt and dust fall on your Terrazzo flooring daily; therefore make it a habit to sweep it regularly. Use a broom with fine strands to perform this task. Regular sweeping keeps your Terrazzo flooring clean and tidy. For as long as you see litter on your floor, pick them up and dispose them properly. For liquid spills, pet waste or ink blot, immediately blot these off with a clean damp cloth. In case of stubborn stains, dilute neutral cleaner with warm water and use a sponge to apply the solution on the specific spot.

  • Weekly Care for Terrazzo Cleaning in Miami

    Mop the Terrazzo flooring with a clean damp cloth to remove all types of residue, dirt, grime, mud, filth and all other types of elements present on the floor. After mopping, allow the floor to dry. In the case of heavily soiled Terrazzo flooring, apply a neutral cleaner and concentrate on that particular spot. Allow the neutral cleaner to loosen particles on the floor before wiping it off. Never leave the neutral cleaner to dry up. Wipe the floor with a clean damp cloth after a few minutes.

  • Annual Care for Terrazzo Cleaning in Miami

    Resealing of Terrazzo floor should be done annually. However, it is imperative that this job needs to be done by a Terrazzo flooring specialist. Contact us at Colonial Floor and Stone Care to perform the needed resealing. Only specialists like us can do this job because resealing requires the use of industrial solutions and materials.

    What’s more, did you know that Terrazzo flooring needs to be polished every ten years? For sections where foot traffic is constant, polishing needs to be done before the tenth year mark. Again, floor polishing is a skilled job that requires expertise. Hire the services of Colonial Floor and Stone care for precise Terrazzo Floor polishing.

Colonial Floor & Stone Care

We, at Colonial Floor & Stone Care provide the highest quality terrazzo cleaning services. Apart from this, we also offer terrazzo polishing and restoration. Our 27 years in the business is a proof that we already gained expertise in terrazzo floor care. To avail of a free quote, call our numbers today. Browse for more information.

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