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Terrazzo Cleaning

Terrazzo Cleaning Tips

Terrazzo is a beautiful natural stone. Generally, many people today would choose the terrazzo stone for their walls, floors and countertops. This type of stone is prepared, pulverized as well as refined that gives the stone a fully shiny effect. In addition to that, the terrazzo stones are made up of some marble chips. Terrazzo also contains some glass chips and other compatible materials. These materials are being poured in to the terrazzo stone by means of cement or epoxy. The terrazzo is resistant to any form of stains and damages. In cleaning small scratches and discolorations of terrazzo stone, you can make use of some cleaning product. Simply follow the instructions, clean, wash the stone and dry them afterwards. Since terrazzo stones are special stones, they also required to be treated special. There are proper ways that you should take consider to when handling terrazzo problems.

Regularly cleaning of terrazzo floors is a helpful in preventing the terrazzo from further severe damages. Sweep the floor and using vacuum is also a simple way to protect terrazzo floors. To clean the terrazzo, use a cleaner with neutral pH level. Wipe the terrazzo with a soft cloth. The cleaner product should be mixed with at least three gallons of water and let the solution dilute well. Pour some amount of cleaning solution to the floor and mop it gently. In order to maintain the natural shine of the terrazzo, protect the floor from any spills like coffee stains, ink stains and juice stains. In case an acid-based liquid spills on the terrazzo, remove it right away.

Stains due to alcoholic drinks, simply clean it lukewarm water and soap. Use denatured alcohol if the stains are hard to remove. In treating blood stains, use medium warm water and brush the blood stains away. You can add few drops of ammonia. For tough and serious blood stains it is recommended to sprinkle some powdered malt. Wait for some minutes and then rinse. To remove ink stains, remove it with the use of lukewarm water and mild liquid detergent soap.

Visit Colonial floor and Stone Care for more tips on how to remove stains on terrazzo floors. Hire the professionals today if you are experiencing some issues and damages with your terrazzo stones at home.

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