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Terrazzo floor Restoration Ft Lauderdale

Stunning Floor from Terrazzo Floor Restoration in Ft Lauderdale

One big enhancement that you can do for your home is improving the appearance of your floor. You don’t need to install new materials on it or buy a new carpet because all you have to do is hire an expert to perform terrazzo floor restoration in Ft Lauderdale. Some cleaning and polishing are all it takes to improve the quality of your flooring. This means huge savings if you would compare the expenses you need to spend for high-cost floor installation.

Restoration for Damaged Floors

The floor speaks a lot about your home. If the flooring gets damaged, this becomes an eyesore and the worse thing is that it can be an area prone to accidents. Hence, you may not want your family to experience this; therefore immediate fixing is required.

Restoring the beauty of your terrazzo flooring is not a simple DIY job. Skill and expertise are required. By hiring the services of a reliable service provider, you would end up saving a lot of money.

Terrazzo flooring can last a lifetime if you know how to provide proper care and maintenance. Although it can last for many years, the floor is subjected to wear and tear because of foot traffic. Damages can even occur because of uncontrolled circumstances such as the falling of heavy objects on the floor. When furniture, fixtures and heavy equipment are pulled over the floor, scratches will surely be made on its surface. Hence, this calls for serious terrazzo floor restoration in Ft Lauderdale.

Who will do the Job?

If you are on the hunt for terrazzo flooring expert, Colonial Floor & Stone Care is the name to trust. We know for a fact that most old homes in Florida are installed with terrazzo flooring. Over time, the floor becomes dull and gloomy because of foot traffic. For all types of terrazzo flooring problems, we are fully skilled to perform the job efficiently.

For 27 years now, we pride ourselves in building a reputable name in the industry. We can turn the oldest terrazzo flooring into a new look using high-quality machines and effective solutions. Our floor technicians are well-equipped with gears and tools in the process of performing terrazzo floor restoration in Ft Lauderdale.

Check our High-Quality Approach

Restoration includes a number of steps. The first thing we do is examine the floor and determine what kind of solution and method of cleaning will be used. We also check for damages such as cracks, scratches or discoloration. After evaluating the problem, we proceed to the solution phase which is the restoration step. At the end of the process, you will be delighted to see your flooring back to its immaculate condition.

To make your terrazzo flooring last for more years, make Colonial Floor & Stone Care your partner in preserving its beauty. Normally, polishing terrazzo flooring takes place for several years. However, there are areas that need immediate attention due to heavy usage. If your flooring turns lifeless and dull, call us for a free estimate. Our numbers are printed in our website at

We can make your home livelier by restoring the beauty of your terrazzo flooring.
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