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Terrazzo Floor Cleaning

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning and Polishing

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TERRAZZO - The Mid-Century Modern Floor

Terrazzo is ‘hot’ again, especially in Florida. You might ask, why is it so popular here? Because many home owners did not know they had this treasure trove uner their carpet, tile or even under their linoleum.

In the 50’s to early 70’s terrazzo became the floor of choice for most of the homes in Florida. When building a new home the contractor would put up the exterior walls, then pour the 5/8 inch thick terrazzo floor in place. The floor would be ground smooth before installing the interior walls on top of the terrazzo.

To understand terrazzo better, let’s look at it’s developmental history. In the 15th Century Italian workers began using their left over marble chips on their terraces. They mixed the chips with cement, layed the floor, then sanded it. It was a good-looking durable floor. They even began to make designs in the floor that couldn’t be achieved by traditional marble laying.

In the 18th Century, an advanced, smoother, more polished terrazzo was brought to America. It was used mainly in Historic and Monumental architecture. It was durable, seamless, good looking but required modest maintenance.

Today, Mid-Century Modern Terrazzo floors are making a comeback. Restoration repairs are virtually invisible, polishing produces a very high-shine, and maintenance is easy. “More and more homeowners, lucky enough to have homes with these original floors, are choosing to restore them, which is a very wise choice.

Advancement in floor care restoration and maintenance allows us to bring back these floors to their original beauty. Almost every stain can be dealt with. We have a proprietary poultice that helps us to remove the stains.

Nail holes from old carpet tack strips, and gouges, discovered from the past, can be chiseled out. Then, we will find the matching chips, match the color of the cement, and produce a virtually invisible repair.

When the repairs are complete, each is inspected for match. Now we begin the refinishing process, grinding the floor with a diamond bonded disk. There are a series of finer and finer sanding disks to remove all scratches and complete the process. Then we move to the final polishing of the terrazzo. We use a special powder and polisher that gives the floor a hard glass like finish. With today’s advancements, the floor is easy to maintain. Mop as necessary, using warm water and occasionally with a ‘neutral’ floor cleaner. That is all there is to it.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience of terrazzo flooring. My business is here to accommodate your every terrazzo flooring need. With today’s terrazzo floors being so beautiful, decorative and seamless with a lasting shine, it would be a shame to cover your floors with anything else.

Bill Thornton


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