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Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo Polishing Fort Lauderdale: An Expert Advice

Your terrazzo may be worn and lifeless for being subjected to decades of foot traffic or you may just want to bring it out in the open after hiding from view under a carpet or some tiles. Whatever reason you may have, Colonial Floor & Stone Care can help in bringing your treasured piece of history back to its original beauty. It is a well-known fact that terrazzo is durable. All it needs is the right methods to achieve an exceptional terrazzo polishing in Fort Lauderdale. We have the skills, experience, and the equipment to restore your flooring to the way it looked when it was new or just installed.

DIY Polishing is Not Sufficient

A lot of people would like to clean their terrazzo floors on their own, but there are a lot of precautions to observe when taking on a project such as this. The biggest mistakes are made when they think that they have found and bought the ultimate terrazzo cleaning product for their cleaning and polishing task. These folks only realize their error after finding out that their terrazzo had been discolored or had turned yellow. We at Colonial Floor & Stone Care have dealt with customers who faced these discoloration problems which are simply the result of using regular floor cleaning products on their terrazzo floors. What is worse is, people think that the terrazzo must be polished again to remove the said stains or discoloration. Terrazzo floors are expensive; they are bought by square foot with an average of $27 each. The price alone should be able to remind homeowners that terrazzo floors require professional care. Doing it yourself might end up in a very expensive situation. It is highly recommended to hire terrazzo polishing Fort Lauderdale experts in order to save your investment.

The Advantages of Hiring an Expert

Terrazzo floors are generally composed of a mixture of Portland concrete cement and marble chips. Our terrazzo technicians can decide as to what needs to be done so that your floor will be looking shiny and new again. Sometimes polishing is all that is required to remove all the stains and scratches that the floor has collected over time. As a result, some people are under the impression that polishing is the same as restoration. We beg to differ. Polishing is simply making a floor shinier by some rubbing action. Restoration, on the other hand, demands fixing damage on the terrazzo like holes, stains and gouges. It is also important to note that there are varied concrete mixes for floors, walls, driveways and walkways. In this respect, being able to see the differences requires the skills and experience of a qualified terrazzo polishing Fort Lauderdale technicians. Just to give you an idea, polishing a terrazzo floor entails the use of a large polishing machine.

Time to Avail our Service

If you happen to be one of the people who did not succeed at polishing their terrazzo to a perfect mirror shine, it is best to stop trying and call a professional instead. Our technicians can take over the project, fix the mistakes you have made on the surface and polish the floor to obtain a glossy finish. We at Colonial Floor & Stone Care can guarantee you that our output will be much better that using over-the-counter floor polishing compounds. Dial our number from and we will entertain all your questions.

We can make your home livelier by restoring the beauty of your terrazzo flooring.
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