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Terrazzo Polishing in Ft Lauderdale

Superb Terrazzo Polishing in Ft Lauderdale

The word terrazzo comes from the Italian version of terrace. This kind of flooring came to be when stone floor workers in Venice thought of a way to recycle leftover marbles. From that moment, terrazzo became a popular alternative to pure marble flooring and it was used for various construction applications. It is versatile and at the same time beautiful, hence designers and architects found it useful for their exterior and interior designs. So it follows that Terrazzo Polishing in Ft Lauderdale is really a must.

Terrazzo becomes a favorite

Nowadays, terrazzo is a prime choice for floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. From the time it was invented, it has become popular because of its durability, lasting beauty, and low maintenance requirements.

America took the popularity of terrazzo in Europe to new heights when the country caught on with the trend. The USA had plenty of marble supply, and when combined with the abundance of new ideas and machinery, the terrazzo became versatile.

In the state of Florida, terrazzo became a hit between the 1950s and early 1970s. As always, this type of flooring was chosen because of its durable feature. It withstood heavy abuse, did not need high maintenance, and looked great. After a decade, homeowners came to realize that they did not have the time and equipment to keep these floorings clean and shiny. Its popularity declined somewhat but with continuous advances in the technology and manufacturing of terrazzo, it is back with a vengeance; this time even more adaptable and easier to maintain.

The Need for Professional Terrazzo Polishing in For Lauderdale Area

With that in mind, a homeowner like you would be thinking about how to keep your terrazzo glossy. Using a regular floor polisher or the old-fashioned manual polishing can be time consuming and tiring. The picture of a terrazzo polishing Ft Lauderdale professional using one of those huge polishing machines crosses your mind. Of course, you could try buying one of those but do you think you can handle it? Imagine the torque the big machine produces and what it can do if you lose control of it. Polishers of that size can destroy anything and everything in its path, including the terrazzo floor.

The smartest decision would be to let terrazzo polishing Ft Lauderdale professionals like us do the floor polishing for you. Forget about the possible disaster, just give us a call and we will take over from there. Our experienced technicians at Colonial Floor & Stone Care can operate the giant polishers safely that bring out the shine that you cannot achieve on your own. Polishing your terrazzo does not only bring back the deep gloss of your floor; it removes the stains and pits as well.

What to Expect from Us?

Terrazzo polishing in Ft Lauderdale gives the surface new, clean, and fresh look everytime. It even removes the stains that you cannot get rid of. In addition, this method is eco-friendly since no harmful chemical is used in the process. After we are done with the polishing, taking care of your floor will not be difficult. All you’ll need is a wet cloth or mop to clean it up. Call Colonial Floor & Stone Care today and get a quote on the service that you need. Check now.

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