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Terrazzo Polishing

Choosing terrazzo stones for your home will save you a lot of money. Terrazzo is not hard to maintain. You do not have to buy expensive rugs to make your terrazzo floor look new. Terrazzo is made up of some chips of marbles or other stones. It is designed beautifully and provides an attractive, vibrant, glossy looking floor. It is best to learn as much as you can about properly maintaining your terrazzo flooring.

Terrazzo Cleaning

Many home owners purchase commercialized products for cleaning and polishing dull terrazzo, but what are the risks? Some products can harm the terrazzo or damage it permanently. Keep in mind that the terrazzo is combined with epoxy and cement and due to this fact, it needs proper care and maintenance from a professional. Also, you don't know if that cleaning product will have a negative reaction to the terrazzo. If you do not know how to repair damaged terrazzo, seek the assistance of our professionals. Our experts will provide the best results when it comes to terrazzo cleaning. Basically, the result of terrazzo polishing is more than just the shine and gloss it can provides. Before polishing the terrazzo, it is very important to see that the terrazzo is free from any dirt or dust.

Take note that not all terrazzo is naturally shiny. Every terrazzo type has different materials and characteristics. The professionals have several ways of polishing dull terrazzo so that it is pleasing to the customer.

Professional Terrazzo Polishing

On the other hand, minor stains can be treated simply. You can use a good product that can be applied to the terrazzo. Avoid using any cleaning product with an acid content. Vinegar must be avoided. Simply wipe the terrazzo surface with a soft mop. If the terrazzo in your home is completely damaged, it definitely needs professional cleaning and polishing. When hiring a company, learn as much as possible about the business. Only hire a company who has been in the business for numerous years because they have the most experience. If you hire Colonial Stone and Floor Care, you will be very satisfied with the end results. Colonial Floor and Stone Care is your one stop source for all of your terrazzo needs.

Terrazzo Cleaning

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Terrazzo Polishing

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Terrazzo Restoration

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