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Terrazzo Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo Repair in Fort Lauderdale: Vital Tips and Tricks

Terrazzo Facts

A few small facts about Terrazzo Repair in Fort Lauderdale:

Terrazzo Facts

Terrazzo is a mosaic-like concrete material and natural stone, polished to a high gloss and then sealed with polyurethane resin. The seal makes the terrazzo durable and attractive. This floor material is made of 15% binder and 85% stone.

Terrazzo Cleaning and Repair Tricks

Clean your terrazzo every day or as needed using warm water, detergent and a soft cloth. Do not use acidic or alkaline solutions on the terrazzo. In case you do spill an acidic or alkaline solution on the floor, wash the surface as soon as possible using only water. If the surface has turned brown, it means that it came in contact with either an alkaline or acid solution. Another cause for browning of terrazzo is ultraviolet radiation.

You will need terrazzo repair in Fort Lauderdale if the surface has stains that cannot be removed with the use of detergent, or if the color has turned brown. To try and solve any of these problems, you are going to need paint stripper, fine grit sandpaper, and a reputable brand of exterior polyurethane. To get the best results, use the paint stripper to remove the polyurethane coating completely. For stains, use sandpaper to remove stains that may have penetrated the coating. The surface also needs to be dried completely so that the new polyurethane coating will stick properly. Three coats of polyurethane is required to completely seal the surface of the terrazzo. After which, the coating must be allowed to dry. This process, takes time. If you don’t have that luxury, it’s better to have our professionals do it. We, at Colonial Floor and Stone Care, are here to help you with your terrazzo repair in Fort Lauderdale needs. Whether there are holes, stains, gouges or cracks on your floor, we can fix them all for you. Our experienced master stone workers and their capable equipment can patch up holes with the right shade of epoxy and concrete, along with matching chips. We apply the same technique for cracks. Stains are the most common problem with terrazzo flooring so you don’t have to worry; we can take care of them quickly and professionally.

Satisfying our Clients is our Goal

Our restoration and repair methods have been proven over time to be very effective. Why do the repair work yourself when you are not really sure what the results will be? If you want your floor to look perfect; do not take chances on DIY solutions. Save time and money, make your beautiful terrazzo last for years and years to come.

You can count on us to bring back the new and vibrant look of your precious floor. After we are done with your terrazzo repair, your house will look like a brand new home. In addition, you wont have to work hard on keeping your terrazzo clean and shiny.

With Colonial Floor and Stone Care, you no longer have to do the guesswork, you can avoid further damage to your expensive and elegant floor, and you will be prolonging its life. Stone floors are our passion. Call us today to get a free quote.

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