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Terrazzo Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Comprehensive Terrazzo Restoration in Fort Lauderdale

If you are one of the fortunate home owners of a terrazzo floored home, you won't have to spend a lot of money getting back the luster and shine of a brand new floor. Colonial Floor and Stone Care is here to help you bring back the gloss and beauty of your floor by means of Terrazzo Restoration in Fort Lauderdale.

Terrazzo Flooring

Most homes in Miami built in the 50s and 60s have terrazzo flooring. Some homeowners do not even know that they have terrazzo flooring underneath their wall to wall carpeting. Back then, this kind of flooring was affordable; nowadays it is one of the most expensive. If you find this type of stone floor in your home, consider yourself very lucky. Terrazzo is a very durable and beautiful marble floor that can last as long as the structure it is used in.

The Advantages of Hiring a Specialist

One of the most recognized advantages of having terrazzo flooring is that the cost is much less for restoring. Our specialists have worked on many types of finishes from a burnished or honed surface to a super high gloss, mirror finish which needs no sealer, wax or coatings. We do this by using mechanical grinders and polishers that use diamond abrasives which are classified by grit size. Grits with high numbers are finer while those with lower numbers are coarser. Aside from grinding and polishing using diamond-based abrasives, we also patch up holes and remove stains.

Terrazzo Restoration in Fort Lauderdale

Cost depends on different circumstances. For example, how many levels of diamond grits are needed to meet your requirements or attain the kind of finish you want. Repair work will cost extra. Diamond grinding and polishing is based on how glossy you want your terrazzo to look and how much workmanship is needed. We do offer FREE estimates.

Colonial Floor & Stone Care

We will take care of all the work from start to finish. This includes the removal of old carpet tack strips, grinding off wall anchors and nail heads, patching and/or filling up holes, stains and discoloration removal, and leveling areas that show some pitting. As mentioned earlier, we will work closely with you during the entire process.

We will remove your doors and thresholds and install them back afterward. We will move your furniture and put it back, we do touch up on your baseboards and we will also clean up upon completion. This is what we call comprehensive terrazzo restoration in Fort Lauderdale services. It is important to note that terrazzo restoration costs much less than installing a new floor. This would be considered a valuable investment if you already have terrazzo flooring in your home. When we are completed with your floors, you will have a sustainable marble floor that will endure for a very long time and only needs very minimal maintenance. For all your terrazzo restoration Fort Lauderdale needs, there is only one company that you can count on, and that is Colonial Floor and Stone Care. You can entrust your precious flooring to us because we care about terrazzo floors as much as you do. Visit our website at

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