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Terrazzo Restoration Ft Lauderdale

Exceptional Terrazzo Restoration Specialists in Fort Lauderdale

Terrazzo restoration can be an art, but this can be learned if you put effort in doing it. This is what we at Colonial Floor & Stone Care believe to be the key to achieve excellent restoration and repair services. In addition to our polishing and installation services, we now offer repair and restoration as well.

There are many instances where our customers have hired us to bring back the beauty of their old floors. Homeowners sometimes are not even aware that they have terrazzo flooring until they take out their carpeting or linoleum. Instead of putting back the carpet or linoleum, they opt to have their stone flooring restored.

As a side note, many homes in Florida have original terrazzo floors because it was popular from the 50s and 70s. Aside from keeping their home's interior cool, they are durable. After realizing that these floors need regular maintenance, homeowners chose to cover them up instead.

Dealing with chips and holes

Going back, covering a terrazzo floor would entail using tack strips to secure the cover in place. Holes are the unfortunate results that homeowners have to deal with in case they decide to use the bare floor again. This is where we come in. We will do some spalling and square off the nail holes. This is important to keep the patch secure.

We then have to match the shade of the floor by using some epoxy and find the same chips used in making the terrazzo. This is probably the most challenging part of terrazzo restoration in Ft Lauderdale, but because of our passion for anything related to terrazzos, you can be sure that we will find the perfect match for the chips and epoxy. The next step would be filling the holes in. The epoxy is applied first and the chips are put in place. The fillers have to be dried overnight and then ground to smooth the next day.

Matching the shade of cement (color match cement) is what we do but with our experience at Colonial Floor & Stone Care, we have learned that it does not stick to the terrazzo. And another downside of this, the cement takes a few days to dry and becomes solid. Our techniques in terrazzo restoration of Ft Lauderdale can ensure that the holes will blend well with the entire terrazzo. You would still see the patches, but they will not stand out that much when viewed from afar.

You can count on us

This is one of the situations where we put our best foot forward for a customer and his restoration needs. It is rest assured that we will apply all our talent and experience in restoring or repairing your terrazzo flooring. With Colonial Floor & Stone Care, you can be sure that your floor will look as good as new. Our specialists have two decades of experience in the industry. We have high standards when it comes to quality and attention to detail. We can bring out your floor’s original beauty. We can also remove any stain or gouge on your precious terrazzo. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to tell you more about our services. We will even give you a quote free of charge. Visit for more details.

We can make your home livelier by restoring the beauty of your terrazzo flooring.
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