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Terrazzo Restoration

True Facts about Terrazzo Restoration

Today, many of your friends will tell you that terrazzo restoration is passé. They opined that terrazzo materials were already used in the 15thcentury and there are better and modern materials used for flooring.

Terrazzo is not old fashioned and it is the best flooring to use in the entire house. It can be polished to look similar to marble but collect no grout as all. It is easy to maintain and takes time to wear out.

Terrazzo floors are available in all kinds of colors with different compositions of marble stones to glass; even of sea shells including nuts &bolts. There is no limit to its aggregation. If it is polishedto the max, it is shiny and makes adeal flooring.

Some floor experts claimed that for a terrazzo to look great there is no need to apply any kind of metal bond diamond grinding. They stated that a terrazzo floormade from an aged Portland cement will never look like a polished floor for high quality. Although there are companies that attempt to create a washed-out floor through recrystallization or applying in the last stage a polishing powder. Shortcut procedure does not result in quality.

The restoration of a terrazzo floor costly but quality is not measured by the cost. A rightful created terrazzo floor will last its high shine, even without any recent finish or up-to-date sealer that lasts for years before it needs any polishing. 

True floor professionals consider the process of crystallization, re-crystallization, and solidification as synonymous procedures.This type of restoration does not last for terrazzo and marble flooring are damaged. In fact, re-crystallized floor shows swirls and scratches in them. True, if the process is used, the floor appears shiny but it is poor workmanship for in the end. Eventually, terrazzo floor will need rebuffing once or every two years. Since the floor is completely sealed, no air can circulate so it cannot breath. Most likely, without air, the terrazzo floor will be damaged. This opinion of many is not hearsay but of people who know the science behind these techniques.

Many home owners are not aware that chip holes due to carpeting, are most common of terrazzo floors. The situation is not hopeless as there are many ways to fill up the holes and repair the chips in terrazzo flooring.

Some companies will restore the floor using white epoxy to fill the holes without applying any other dyestuff. After it was cured they painted the top rocks. The owner was disgusted with the result as the white epoxy bereft of pigment will stand out across the room and make the restoration work so obvious.

A reputable restorer never paints rocks on the patch; they use a stable white epoxy that closely matches pigment as closely even if the material is Portland cement. It takes time and effort just to find the matching hue and once the holes are filled, rocks are added that match the stones in the floor. Holesare filled over the level of the floor then they are grinded down flat the next day. The result is awesome.

These marked the difference between a terrazzo restoration job done by an amateur and a professional.

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