Terracotta Soldiers and Terracotta Tiles

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Terracotta Soldiers and Terracotta Tiles

Continueing on my Orient adventure. Today I visited the Great Wall of China . 325.0 miles long.  It took 300 years to build, and tomorrow on to where a farmer, no in his eighties, found and wonder full treasure for his home land to preseve and keeps as a natural tressure.  Arriving I couldn’t wait to see what I have only see, Like many of you on the National Goo graphic pecial ro on the Discovery, or even as part of a movie that displays these terracotta soldiers as a big part of the movie

As I walked up I understand about the duribilty of thes “fired Earth” which is which Terra cotta is translated to in english. As tjat os wjat ot actially is, clay fired to a strength . These soldiers were not only built by enslved people that were taken by war, but also the life;s of the craftmen that made these life like figure to follow the First Emporier into the afterlife.  Each  with different features, Unigue in thier own right.

As I read through the finformation, knowing about the use of Terra cotta by the way of my business, I understand why Terra cotta is also used as a durable flooring.  We clean and polish many Terra cotta tiles in my business.  These are yet another natural material that has been used for thousands of years in different forms.  From Soldiers to floor tile to pots that we plant in on our patio’s.

I couldn wait to get the first shot. The “money shot”. However pictures do not do these Soldiers justice.  At least not my camera. But here is my shot.  To know that these were created from the clay of the area and by skilled craftsman for the First Emporior of China was awesome.  Enjoy the video above to find out more about thise Terra cotta Soldiers via the video and link.
Terra Cotta Soldiers
Living in South Florida, Tera Cotta is seen often.  And it is also used in other areas of the  United states.  New York City comes to mind  Terra Cotta is Historically preserved in NYC on some of the  older building facades, Terra Cotta was used extensively.
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