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Marble Floor Polishing Miami

Marble Floor Polishing Miami

If you find that the marble surface you cleaned a few days ago has discolored, you could try this to get back the shine. First, check to see whether the discoloration is rough and dull. Then check all the grout and caulk lines to check for any water seepage. The discoloration might be a form of efflorescence.

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Limestone Floor Repair

Limestone Floor Repair West Palm Beach

Limestone is a very strong and endurable substance. Sometimes, it is used as concrete in crushed form to prepare building materials. Large varieties of garden stones are also found in limestone. It is used as wall rocks, because it is resistant to cold weather. The material of limestone is collected from water bodies and therefore, the composition of this stone includes dead creatures and shells. At the bottom of the sea, these shells sometimes are mixed with the pediments.  According to the oceanologists, various sediments get stuck to the decayed substances, which after a period of time are changed into a cemented layer forming a hardcore rock. This happens due to intense pressure of water level. This is a pure form, so it is used in paving off floors and surface re-facing.

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