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Black Composite Granite may be very durable

Black Composite Granite Sink can add a touch of elegance to any kitchen, powder room, or bathroom. It’s a cheaper and probably more durable than pure Granite slabs. Black Composite Granite is typically composed of 80% Granite, and the remaining percentage is Quartz and acrylic. It’s a great option for homeowners who are in a tight budget who wants the beauty and quality of Granite with hardly half the cost of pure Granite. Black Composite Granite Sinks are not only admirable, but are also heat, etch, and, like its pure counterpart Granite, is extremely scratch resistant. But unlike pure Granite, Composite Granite has a low porosity; so it does not require any application of stain-resisting sealant.

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Water marks : Sinks-best undermount method

Undermount sinks are appropriate for stone kitchen countertops because it gives the appearance of a more spacious counter, while making maintenance and cleaning easier too. However, the biggest concern with these sinks are the possibilities of damage and leaks due to tremendous strain from gravity. But with proper installation, gravity is not an issue.

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