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white concrete polish

Concrete Staining

Concrete staining has been a huge trend form many years now, you will see if used a lot in retail establishments and also residential. Staining concrete is a art form in itself, this is probably the reason you found this article. You saw a great looking floor and you wanted to get more information about it. We have been concrete staining for the last seven years, we got on the trend in its early stages and have gone to the convention in Las Vegas for years. The world of concrete. I really enjoy this show seeing great design and new techniques in apply it. As we know like a good piece of art it starts with a good canvas.  So we come to your house and evaluate the concrete to see if the floor, our canvas, is in the desired condition to have stained.  If we decide it is we will grind the floor to open up the pour before stating the staining process. If we decide the floor isn’t a good slab and the client has made it clear that will not be happy with the hole not taken the concrete stain uniformally then we will offer to do a micro topping project. This is where we use a special mix to put new concrete on you floor skimming this high tech product many times on the floor to make it look uniformly. This way we have a great pallet to start with.
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Concrete Polishing Miami

Concrete, and concrete polishing Miami is the hottest thing going these days. Especially since concrete polishing is considered a green floor. It is there in your house,commercial buildings, everywhere and a lot of people are becoming aware that for a small cost it can be polished to have a marble shine and one of the best parts of it the color choices are endless. Continue reading “Concrete Polishing Miami” »