Concrete Polishing Miami

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Concrete Polishing Miami

Concrete, and concrete polishing Miami is the hottest thing going these days. Especially since concrete polishing is considered a green floor. It is there in your house,commercial buildings, everywhere and a lot of people are becoming aware that for a small cost it can be polished to have a marble shine and one of the best parts of it the color choices are endless.

People ask all the time how can you make a concrete floor become so shiny… the answer is simple! It’s all about scratch patterns, using aggressive metal diamonds in the beginning steps to expose the cream at the top of the concrete, then using finer resin diamonds to slowly work out the scratch patterns until you have a totally smooth concrete floor. At a certain point a concrete densifier should be added so that the concrete becomes very strong, closing in the pores of the concrete so it is harder to stain and also the the shine last longer. This isn’t a topical coating, the densifier goes deep in the pore and expands out as time goes by and the densifier cures. Some manufactures say their products can take up to six months to totally cure.  I’m not sure if that is really the case but that is their scientific claim, just the same it is good to know they believe in their product performance on making the concrete stronger and less succeptable to scratches as the floor matures.

Concrete polishing is a growing trend, the next time you go into a five guy burger, or Jumba Juice, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, notice the floors. It is shiny and look also you will hardly see any stains in the concrete. It’s the concrete densifier that makes the floor less resistant to scratches. This is why most all big box store do this process.

For those that are on a budget and still desire a modern looking floor there is the classic acid stain look.  We especially love working with this style of concrete polishing for floors that are too damaged to have the true concrete polishing method. What we typically do is scratch up the floor, fix the holes, and apply the product to create the stain look that is desired. We use a high quality stain that we get locally and when the process is complete the end result is a high gloss floor with amazing amount of dept to it in design.

If you are reading this article and you live in South Florida. First look at your floor to see if you have terrazzo, because if you have terrazzo you will want us to discuss with you the best option and that is to restore the terrazzo flooring and fill in the hundreds of holes and make it look like new.