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Terracotta Soldiers and Terracotta Tiles

Continueing on my Orient adventure. Today I visited the Great Wall of China . 325.0 miles long.  It took 300 years to build, and tomorrow on to where a farmer, no in his eighties, found and wonder full treasure for his home land to preseve and keeps as a natural tressure.  Arriving I couldn’t wait to see what I have only see, Like many of you on the National Goo graphic pecial ro on the Discovery, or even as part of a movie that displays these terracotta soldiers as a big part of the movie

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Mexican Tile, A Proud Tradition in Hand Made Clay Tiles

Mexican Tile is used widely here in South Florida. There are many styles of Mexican tile. And while doing some research on these beautiful tile that the Colonial Floor and Stone Care has cleaned and polished, I found that they have a long and varied history.

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