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Terrazzo Cleaning

Colonial Floor Care in Fort Lauderdale area

We received a call from a potential customer today. She had recently purchased a condo in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area. She was concerned with what to do with the floors. She is a “Go Green” type of lady and wanted to make sure that her home and floor reflected that. Her first choice was bamboo since she knew it was a “hot” choice for those that have concerns. Well, she was none too happy to know that once she put them in she would be “married to it!” Her words, not mine! The reason for this is is that bamboo floor has to be glued down. Continue reading “Colonial Floor Care in Fort Lauderdale area” »

natural stones

General questions on all kinds of stones: Home Decoration Ideas With Different Natural Stone

As early as Roman times, natural stones have been used for construction. These days, natural stones are still used. The only difference is that there is currently an interest in the addition of natural stones for interior decoration. The raw appearance and overall look of the stones make them ideal pieces indoors.

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Marble Floor Polishing Miami

Marble Floor Polishing Miami

If you find that the marble surface you cleaned a few days ago has discolored, you could try this to get back the shine. First, check to see whether the discoloration is rough and dull. Then check all the grout and caulk lines to check for any water seepage. The discoloration might be a form of efflorescence.

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Marble Polishing

Miami Marble Floor Polishing and Cleaning

If you find that your marble floor had small white patches, it could be the result of marble stunning. Marble stunning occurs when little explosions occur in the crystals of the marble, because of concentrated pressure applied in that area. Women walking on marble wearing heels are a common cause of stunning.

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A Brief History of Miami and it’s Architecture

Much of the existing architecture in South Florida, home of Colonial Floor and Stone Care, is the result of foreign settlers earlier in the history of the region. Their cultural influences also spread among the people and reflected in the architecture and constructions during each period.

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Cuban Tile cleaning

Colonial Floor and Stone Care has been serving Southern Florida’s customers for over 20 years, cleaning, repairing and restoring Continue reading “Cuban Tile cleaning” »