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Cuban Tile cleaning

Posted by on Feb 16, 2010 in Floor, home, How to and Syle | Comments Off on Cuban Tile cleaning

Colonial Floor and Stone Care has been serving Southern Florida’s customers for over 20 years, cleaning, repairing and restoringNatural Stone care such as Cuban Tile. These tiles have been used in Southern Florida for decades. They were discovered in Cuba by American’s visiting in the early 1920’s and brought back for flooring in Southern Florida. The demand increase, as these tiles, along with other type of flooring such as Terrazzo and Mexican tile, due to the coolness they brought to the home in the tropical Miami climate. In the 1960’s a factory was established in Miami for the high demand for these cement based and artfully colorful tile flooring. These tiles are made from a paste of white cement, sand and pigments for the color. This is then pressed into a mold, each is unique and individually produced by hand. Like Terrazzo, these tiles need low maintenance, how ever, over waxing for an increase shine can cause the tiles to loose their beauty, becoming dull and dirty over years of wax build up. This was the  what happened to the cuban tile feature in our video. After a complete cleaning, this floor was brought back to its original beauty. Colonial Floor and Stone Care technicians, brought in the cleaning  machines, which did their magic and then was polished to a brilliant shine. We take pride in all of our natural stone care, and will be happy to discuss how our company can help your needs with your Cuban tile. Call Colonial Floor and Stone Care for your free estimate, our representative will be more than happy to assist you with your specific needs. Cuban tiles are not only unique, but a piece of Miami’s history. Let our company help you keep them beautiful for years to come. Call 305-731-2242 for a free estimate. You will be glad you...

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